Text 14

SB 8.13.14


yo ‘sau bhagavatā baddhaḥ
prītena sutale punaḥ
niveśito ‘dhike svargād
adhunāste sva-rāḍ iva


yah—Bali Mahārāja; asau—he; bhagavata—by the Personality of Godhead; baddhah—bound; prītena—because of favor; sutale—in the kingdom of Sutala; punaḥ—again; niveśitaḥ—situated; adhike—more opulent; svargāt—than the heavenly planets; adhunā—at the present moment; āste—is situated; sva-rāṭ iva—equal to the position of Indra. 


With great affection, the Personality of Godhead bound Bali and then installed him in the kingdom of Sutala, which is more opulent than the heavenly planets. Mahārāja Bali now resides on that planet and is more comfortably situated than Indra. 

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