SB 6.9.19


taṁ nijaghnur abhidrutya
sagaṇā vibudharṣabhāḥ
svaiḥ svair divyāstra-śastraughaiḥ
so ‘grasat tāni kṛtsnaśaḥ


tam—him; nijaghnuḥ—struck; abhidrutya—running to; sa-ganah—with soldiers; vibudha-rsabhah—all the great demigods; svaiḥ svaiḥ—with their own respective; divya—transcendental; astra—bows and arrows; sastra-oghaiḥ—different weapons; saḥ—he (Vṛtra); agrasat—swallowed; tani—them (the weapons); kṛtsnaśaḥ—all together. 


The demigods, headed by Indra, charged the demon with their soldiers, striking him with their own transcendental bows and arrows and other weapons but Vṛtrāsura swallowed all their weapons. 

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