SB 5.5.31


ati-sukumāra-kara-caraṇoraḥ-sthala-vipula-bāhv-aṁsa-gala-vadanādy-avayava-vinyāsaḥ prakṛti-sundara-svabhāva-hāsa-sumukho nava-nalina-dalāyamāna-śiśira-tārāruṇāyata-nayana-ruciraḥ sadṛśa-subhaga-kapola-karṇa-kaṇṭha-nāso vigūḍha-smita-vadana-mahotsavena pura-vanitānāṁ manasi kusuma-śarāsanam upadadhānaḥ parāg-avalambamāna-kuṭila-jaṭila-kapiśa-keśa-bhūri-bhāro ‘vadhūta-malina-nija-śarīreṇa graha-gṛhīta ivādṛśyata.


atiplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigati

completely; exceedingly; extremely; great; greater; greatly; highly; superseding; too; too much; very; very great; very much; very serious.
-suplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsu

-kumāraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkumara

son; the Aśvinī-kumāras; the boy-saint.
—very delicate; karaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkara

accept; be engaged in; become; bestow; cause; continue; do; endeavor; engage in; explain; get; give; hand; hands; in hand; in the hand; in the hands; just do; just perform; kindly bestow; kindly do; make (me); make; observe; of the hand; perform; please do; please do unto me; practice; present; put forth; show; surname; tax; taxes; the hand; the palms; you are writing; you become; You can do; You do; You give; You made; you make; You perform; You pose.
—hands; caraṇaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigcarana

at the feet; by the feet; feet; His feet; His lotus feet; legs; lotus feet; of lotus feet; of the feet; of the knees; of the lotus feet; of the wheels; on the feet; on the lotus feet; the feet; the legs; the lotus feet; to the feet; to the lotus feet; unto the feet; unto the lotus feet; Your lotus feet.
—feet; uraḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biguraḥ

chest; high; of My chest; of the chest; the breast; the chest; upward.
-sthalaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsthala

land; on the land; or on land.
—chest; vipulaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvipula

abundant; full; long; unlimited; very much.
—long; bāhuplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbahu

a great quantity; a large quantity; a large quantity of; a very large quantity of; all kinds of; by the great yogis; great; greatly; highly; many; much; much pleasure; so much; various; various kinds; very; very large quantity; very much; with much.
—arms; aṁsaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigamsa

on his shoulder; shoulders.
—shoulders; galaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggala

—neck; vadanaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvadana

and face; by his face; countenance; face; faces; mouth; on the mouth; the face; whose face.
—face; ādiplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigādi

a beginning; all such places; all these; all together; and other arrangements; and other things; and others; and similar other persons; and so on; and the other; beginning; beginning with; by artificially practicing detachment, by the mechanical practice of yoga, by studying the Sāṅkhya philosophy, and so on; etc; everything; first; headed by; heading; heading the list; in the beginning; in the beginning of the millennium; original; originally; other subject matters; primarily; the beginning; the first; the original.
—and so on; avayavaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigavayava

bodily expansion; by the limbs; duration; limbs; of portions; of the bodily limbs; parts; parts of the body; the constituent part; the limbs of the body.
—limbs; vinyāsaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvinyāsaḥ

properly situated.
—properly situated; prakṛtiplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigprakrti

by full performances; by nature; by the ministers; characteristics; existence; female; in material nature; material elements; material energy; material nature; matter; natural; nature; of material nature; such behavior; the material energy; the material nature; the nature; to material nature; wife.
—by nature; sundaraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsundara

beautiful; lovely; more beautiful; O most beautiful man; O most beautiful one; very beautiful.
—lovely; svaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsva

by himself; by your own; his; his own; in his own; of one's own; of their own; one's own; own; personal, internal; personal, own; with his wealth.
-bhāvaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhava

and by Lord Śiva; appearance; be; become; by Lord Śiva; compared to the world of nescience (birth, death, old age and disease); from birth; just become; Lord Śiva; material existence; O Lord Śiva; of material existence; of mundane existence; the distress of the repetition of birth and death; the repetition of birth and death; you become; You please be.
—natural; hāsaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bighāsa

laughing; laughter; smile; smiling; with smiling.
—with smiling; suplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsu

-mukhaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmukhah

face; whose face.
—His beautiful mouth; navaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bignava

ever fresh; fresh; new; newly grown; nine.
-nalinaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bignalina

lotus; of lotus; of the lotus flower.
-dalāyamānaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdalāyamāna

appearing like the petals of a new lotus flower.
—appearing like the petals of a new lotus flower; śiśiraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigśiśira

cool; dew; taking away all miseries.
—taking away all miseries; tāraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtara

cross over; his.
—the irises; aruṇaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigaruna

like the morning sun; pink; red; reddish; ruddy; saffron.
—reddish; āyataplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigayata

bodily feature; broad; gigantic; long; spread wide.
—spread wide; nayanaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bignayana

by whose beautiful eyes; eyes; for the eyes; from the eyes; my eyes; of his eyes; of the eyes; of the two eyes; our eyes; the eyes; to the eyes; with eyes; your eyes.
—with eyes; ruciraḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigruciraḥ

lovely; possessing radiance very pleasing to the eyes.
—lovely; sadṛśaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsadṛśa

equal to; like; such; suitable.
—such; subhagaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsubhaga

auspicious; beautiful; beauty; indicating good fortune; very beautiful.
—beauty; kapolaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkapola

cheeks; forehead; with cheeks.
—forehead; karṇaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkarṇa

and to the ears; ear; ears; Karṇa; of the ear; on the ears; the ear; the ears; through the ears; to the ear.
—ears; kaṇṭhaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkantha

neck; necks; on the neck; their necks; throat.
—neck; nāsaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bignasah

His nose.
—His nose; vigūḍhaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvigūḍha

by deep smiling.
-smitaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsmita

by smiling; smiles; smiling; whose smile; with a smile; with smiling.
—by deep smiling; vadanaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvadana

and face; by his face; countenance; face; faces; mouth; on the mouth; the face; whose face.
—by His face; mahāplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmaha

-utsavenaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigutsavena

appearing like a festival.
—appearing like a festival; puraplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpura

capital; cities; cities and towns; of the city; of towns; towns.
-vanitānāmplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvanitānām

of women within household life.
—of women within household life; manasiplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmanasi

in a mind; in his mind; in the heart; in the mind; in the minds; into the mind; the mind; unto the mind; upon the mind; within the mind.
—in the heart; kusumaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkusuma

by flowers; flowers; of flowers.
-śarāsanamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigśarāsanam

arrows and bow; bows; his bow.
—Cupid; upadadhānaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigupadadhānaḥ

—awakening; parākplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigparāk

all around; that which separates; the body.
—all around; avalambamānaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigavalambamāna

—spread; kuṭilaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkutila

crooked; curled; curly; curved.
—curly; jaṭilaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigjaṭila

—matted; kapiśaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkapiśa

brown; tawny.
—brown; keśaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkeśa

from the hair; hair; hair on the head; hairs on the head; of hair.
—of hair; bhūriplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhuri

a great quantity; abundant; constantly, or more and more; extensive; extensively; extremely; great; greatly; heavy; in various ways; many; repeatedly; sufficient; sufficiently; very much.
-bhāraḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbharah

he who maintained.
—possessing a great abundance; avadhūtaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigavadhūta

paramahaṁsa; agitated and cleansed; neglected; neglected by others; Nityānanda Prabhu; O master of all mystic power; of the name Avadhūta; the great devotee and mendicant; the mendicant.
—neglected; malinaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmalina

contaminated; dirty.
—dirty; nijaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bignija

by him; His own; his personal; my own; one's own; our own; own; own personal; personal; to oneself; to their own; Your own; Your own personal.
-śarīreṇaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigśarīreṇa

by His body.
—by His body; grahaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggraha

influential planets like the moon; planetary system; planets; the asteroids; the influential planets; the nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto); the planets.
-gṛhītaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggrhitah

accepted; being contaminated; being devoured; being taken; being taken up; taken; taken birth; was arrested by force; who had been captured by the crocodile.
—haunted by a ghost; ivaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigiva

almost the same; as; as if; as if it were so; as it; as it is; as it is so; as it was; as it were; as though; certainly; exactly; exactly like; exactly like that; in pursuance of; in the manner of; indeed; just as; just like; like (just as a king exacts taxes for the benefit of the servant or the citizens pay taxes for the benefit of the king); like; like that; like that of; like this; likened; or; quite; seemingly; similarly; simply; somewhat; thus.
—as if; adṛśyataplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigadṛśyata

became visible (in the presence of the demigods); He appeared; was perceived; was seen; was visible.
—He appeared. 


Lord Ṛṣabhadeva’s hands, feet and chest were very long. His shoulders, face and limbs were all very delicate and symmetrically proportioned. His mouth was beautifully decorated with His natural smile, and He appeared all the more lovely with His reddish eyes spread wide like the petals of a newly grown lotus flower covered with dew in the early morning. The irises of His eyes were so pleasing that they removed all the troubles of everyone who saw Him. His forehead, ears, neck, nose and all His other features were very beautiful. His gentle smile always made His face beautiful, so much so that He even attracted the hearts of married women. It was as though they had been pierced by arrows of Cupid. About His head was an abundance of curly, matted brown hair. His hair was disheveled because His body was dirty and not taken care of. He appeared as if He were haunted by a ghost. 


Although Lord Ṛṣabhadeva’s body was very much neglected, His transcendental features were so attractive that even married women were attracted to Him. His beauty and dirtiness combined to make His beautiful body appear as though it were haunted by a ghost.