SB 5.20.22


yāsām ambhaḥ pavitram amalam upayuñjānāḥ puruṣa-ṛṣabha-draviṇa-devaka-saṁjñā varṣa-puruṣā āpomayaṁ devam apāṁ pūrṇenāñjalinā yajante.


yāsāmplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigyāsām

from whose; of all of whom; of all the rivers; of them; of those whose; of which; of whom (the gopīs); of whom (the daughters); whose.
—of all the rivers; ambhaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigambhaḥ

the devastating water; the masses of water seen on this planet or on others; the water; water.
—the water; pavitramplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpavitram

perfectly pure; pure; purest; purified; sacred; sanctified; that which purifies; the purest; very pure; very sanctified.
—very sanctified; amalamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigamalam

pure; spotless; spotless, free from material qualities; transcendental; very clean; without any spot of material contamination; without contamination; without material contamination.
—very clean; upayuñjānāḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigupayuñjānāḥ

—using; puruṣaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpurusa

puruṣa; a male; and of the Supreme Personality, Kṛṣṇa; by the measure of men; by the Supreme person; incarnation; Lord Viṣṇu; man; O my Lord; of all living entities or of the puruṣāvatāra, Lord Viṣṇu; of the Lord; of the Supreme Lord; of the Supreme Personality; of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; persons; Puruṣa; Supreme Person; the puruṣa-avatāra; the human being; the living entities; the Lord; the Mahā-Viṣṇu incarnation; the original person, Mahā-Viṣṇu; the person; the person Lord Viṣṇu; the Personality of Godhead; the Supreme Personality of Godhead; the three puruṣa incarnations; the universal form of the Lord (virāṭ-puruṣaḥ); Viṣṇu; with the devotee.
—Puruṣa; ṛṣabhaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigṛṣabha

chief; in the form of a man; O chief; the avatāra Ṛṣabha; Ṛṣabha.
—Ṛṣabha; draviṇaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdraviṇa

Draviṇa; material opulence; of money; priceless; treasury house; wealth.
—Draviṇa; devakaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdevaka

—Devaka; saṁjñāḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsamjnah

—endowed with the names; varṣaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvarsa

in the last year; lands; of tracts of land; of years; rain; the rain; years.
-puruṣāḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpurusah

—the inhabitants of those varṣas; āpaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigapah

in the water; rain; the water; water.
-mayamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmayam

consisting; fully engaged in; made; pervaded by; sum total; the demon named Maya; unto Maya Dānava.
—Varuṇa, the lord of water; devamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdevam

a demigod; as the worshipable deity; at last to the chief demigod; divine; Lord Viṣṇu; Lord Vāsudeva; Lord Śiva; shining; the demigod; the great demigod; the Lord; the Personality of Godhead; the sun-god; the supreme demigod; the Supreme Lord; the Supreme Lord Himself; the Supreme Personality of Godhead; to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; unto Lord Śiva; unto the Deity; unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; upon the Lord.
—as the worshipable deity; apāmplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigapām

full of water; of the water; of the waters; of water; the water.
—of water; pūrṇenaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpūrṇena

with full.
—with full; añjalināplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigañjalinā

by joining and cupping the two palms; folded palms; in his joined palms; with folded bands; with folded hands.
—folded palms; yajanteplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigyajante

do worship; perform sacrifices; they worship; worship (the goddess Kālī or Bhadra Kālī); worship; worship by sacrifices; worships.
—do worship. 


The inhabitants of Krauñcadvīpa are divided into four castes, called the Puruṣas, Ṛṣabhas, Draviṇas and Devakas. Using the waters of those sanctified rivers, they worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead by offering a palmful of water at the lotus feet of Varuṇa, the demigod who has a form of water. 


Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura says, āpomayaḥ asmayam: with joined palms the inhabitants of the various sections of Krauñcadvīpa offer the sanctified waters of the rivers to a deity made of stone or iron.