SB 3.28.28

कौमोदकीं भगवतो दयितां स्मरेत
दिग्धामरातिभटशोणितकर्दमेन ।
मालां मधुव्रतवरूथगिरोपघुष्टां
चैत्यस्य तत्त्वममलं मणिमस्य कण्ठे ॥२८॥


kaumodakīṁ bhagavato dayitāṁ smareta
digdhām arāti-bhaṭa-śoṇita-kardamena
mālāṁ madhuvrata-varūtha-giropaghuṣṭāṁ
caityasya tattvam amalaṁ maṇim asya kaṇṭhe


kaumodakīm—the club named Kaumodakī; bhagavatah—of the Personality of Godhead; dayitam—very dear; smareta—one should remember; digdhām—smeared; arati—of the enemies; bhata—soldiers; śoṇita-kardamena—with the bloodstains; malam—the garland; madhuvrata—of bumblebees; varūtha—of a swarm; girā—with the sound; upaghuṣṭām—surrounded; caityasya—of the living entity; tattvam—principle, truth; amalam—pure; manim—the pearl necklace; asya—of the Lord; kaṇṭhe—on the neck. 


The yogī should meditate upon His club, which is named Kaumodakī and is very dear to Him. This club smashes the demons, who are always inimical soldiers, and is smeared with their blood. One should also concentrate on the nice garland on the neck of the Lord, which is always surrounded by bumblebees, with their nice buzzing sound, and one should meditate upon the pearl necklace on the Lord’s neck, which is considered to represent the pure living entities who are always engaged in His service. 


The yogī must contemplate the different parts of the transcendental body of the Lord. Here it is stated that the constitutional position of the living entities should be understood. There are two kinds of living entities mentioned here. One is called the arāti. They are averse to understanding the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. For them, the Lord appears with His hand clutching the terrible mace, which is always smeared with bloodstains from His killing of demons. Demons are also sons of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As stated in Bhagavad-gītā, all the different species of living entities are sons of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There are, however, two classes of living entities, who act in two different ways. The Supreme Lord keeps on His neck those living entities who are pure, as one protects the jewels and pearls on the bosom and neck of one’s body. Those living entities in pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness are symbolized by the pearls on His neck. Those who are demons and are inimical towards the pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are punished by His mace, which is always smeared with the blood of such fallen living entities. The club of the Lord is very dear to Him because He uses this instrument to smash the bodies of the demons and mix their blood. As mud is kneaded with water and earth, so the earthly bodies of the enemies of the Lord, or the atheists, are smashed by the club of the Lord, which becomes muddied with the blood of such demons. 

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