SB 10.6.25-26


pṛśnigarbhas tu te buddhim
ātmānaṁ bhagavān paraḥ
krīḍantaṁ pātu govindaḥ
śayānaṁ pātu mādhavaḥ

vrajantam avyād vaikuṇṭha
āsīnaṁ tvāṁ śriyaḥ patiḥ
bhuñjānaṁ yajñabhuk pātu


pṛśnigarbhaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpṛśnigarbhaḥ

Lord Pṛśnigarbha.
—Lord Pṛśnigarbha; tuplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtu

again; also; and; as to; as well as; but (because of misfortune); but; certainly; due to; expletive; however; in fact; indeed; moreover; must; of course; on the contrary; only; that; then; yet.
—indeed; teplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigte

all; all of them (the demigods and demons); all of them (the demigods and the demons); all of them; all of those; all the gopas; all the asuric ministers; all the demigods; all the demigods and demons; all the demons; all the great sages; all the Pracetās; all the sons; all the sons of Jamadagni; all the watchmen; all those; all those persons who arrived; also from you; as desired by you; by him; by them; by You; for you; for your; from you; in your possession; Lord Paraśurāma's mother and brothers; of the two divisions; of them; of you (mother Ganges); of You (O dear Lord); of you; of Your good self; of Your Lordship; of yourself; speaking to you; such; such as you; such austerity and knowledge; such household life; such persons; such pure devotees are fully satisfied; that; that is; the gopīs and gopas; the hotā, brahmā and other priests; the cowherd men and ladies; the demigods; the demons (Yakṣas and Rākṣasas); the demons; the Gandharvas; the great sages (the Kumāras); the husbands; the men of Kārtavīryārjuna; the Pracetās; the Pāṇḍavas; the sages; the sons of Kārtavīryārjuna; the Yakṣas; their; therefore; these; these sons (the Savalāśvas); they; they are; to you; unto you; with you; You; your; Your Lordship; your request; Your service; yours; yourself.
—Your; buddhimplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbuddhim

decision; intelligence; the intelligence.
—intelligence; ātmānamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigatmanam

and of the mind; by His energies; living entities; mind; most dear; of all living entities; of all other souls; of all the living entities; of men; of such a mind; of the body; of the living entities; of the people; of the subtle body; of those whose minds; the mind; thus inclined; whose minds are absorbed.
—Your soul; bhagavānplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhagavan

my dear Lord; my lord; O exalted sage; O godly personality; O great brāhmaṇa; O great sage (Śukadeva Gosvāmī); O great sage; O great saint; O great soul; O Lord; O Lord, Supreme Personality of Godhead; O most powerful; O most powerful devotee; O most powerful sage; O my Lord; O my lord, O great one; O Personality of Godhead; O possessor of all opulences; O powerful one; O Supreme; O Supreme Lord; O Supreme Lord, O Personality of Godhead; O Supreme Personality of Godhead; O supremely powerful one; O worshipful sage; O Your Lordship; the Personality of Godhead.
—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; paraḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigparah

a supreme or superior; an enemy; another (friend or enemy); beyond; beyond this material creation; comes as an enemy; different; differentiated parts; great; more; next life; not belonging to the same group or family; of the demigods; other; others; sublime; superior; superior quality; supreme; the best; the chief; the supermost; the supreme; the Supreme Personality of Godhead; the Supreme, than whom no one is greater; transcendence; transcendental; transcendental or different; transcendental to material conditions; transcendental to material contamination; transcendental, beyond everything material; ultimate goal; unconnected; who is transcendental.
—transcendental; krīḍantamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkrīḍantam

engaged in enjoyment; engaged in playing; playing; sporting; the King of the Gandharvas, engaged in such activities; while playing; who were engaged in playing.
—while playing; pātuplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpātu

let it protect; may He protect; may He protect me; please maintain.
—may He protect; govindaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggovindaḥ

a name of Lord Kṛṣṇa; Govinda; Lord Govinda; Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa; one who enlivens the cows and the senses.
—Lord Govinda; śayānamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsayanam

lying down.
—while sleeping; pātuplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpātu

let it protect; may He protect; may He protect me; please maintain.
—may He protect; mādhavaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmadhavah

Kṛṣṇa (the husband of the goddess of fortune); Lord Kṛṣṇa; Lord Mādhava; Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa; named Mādhava; Śrī Kṛṣṇa.
—Lord Mādhava; vrajantamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvrajantam

moving; passing by; while going; while walking.
—while walking; avyātplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigavyāt

may He protect; may kindly protect; may protect.
—may He protect; vaikuṇṭhaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigvaikuṇṭhaḥ

a Vaikuṇṭha planet; Lord Vaikuṇṭha; the Lord; the Lord of Vaikuṇṭha.
—Lord Vaikuṇṭha; āsīnamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigasinam

being seated; seated; seated on; sitting; sitting down; sitting together; situated; the sitting; while sitting down; who was abiding; who was sitting; who was sitting on the throne; who was sitting silently.
—while sitting down; tvāmplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtvam

establishment of the statement tat tvam asi.
—unto You; śriyaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigśriyaḥ

all opulence; beauties; beauty; decorated with; fortune; from all opulence; from that opulence; of all opulences; of beauty; of the goddess of fortune; opulence; the goddess of fortune; the opulences.
patiḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpatiḥ

a husband; bestower; head; husband; leader; Lord; maintainer; master; protector; the director; the husband (Bṛhaspati); the husband; the leader; the Lord; the master; the owner; the protector; the supreme; the supreme director; who is the maintainer, master and guide; your husband.
—Nārāyaṇa, the husband of the goddess of fortune (may protect); bhuñjānamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhuñjānam

enjoying; while enjoying life.
—while enjoying life; yajñabhukplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigyajñabhuk

—Yajñabhuk; pātuplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigpātu

let it protect; may He protect; may He protect me; please maintain.
—may He protect; sarvaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsarva

all; all around; all kinds; all kinds of; all over; everyone; everything; for all; for everyone; in all; in all respects; of all; of all demigods; of all kinds; of everyone; of everything.
-grahaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biggraha

influential planets like the moon; planetary system; planets; the asteroids; the influential planets; the nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto); the planets.
-bhayamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigbhayam

cause of fear; danger; fear (among them); fear; fear itself; fear of death; fearful; fearful conditions; fearfulness; there is a cause of fear; there was fear of death.
-karaḥplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigkarah

acting; the taxes.
—who is fearful to all evil planets. 


May Lord Pṛśnigarbha protect Your intelligence, and the Supreme Personality of Godhead Your soul. While You are playing, may Govinda protect You, and while You are sleeping may Mādhava protect You. May Lord Vaikuṇṭha protect You while You are walking, and may Lord Nārāyaṇa, the husband of the goddess of fortune, protect You while You are sitting. Similarly, may Lord Yajñabhuk, the fearful enemy of all evil planets, always protect You while You enjoy life.