SB 1.3.17

धान्वन्तरं द्वादशमं त्रयोदशममेव च ।
अपाययत्सुरानन्यान्मोहिन्या मोहयन्स्त्रिया ॥१७॥


dhānvantaraṁ dvādaśamaṁ
trayodaśamam eva ca
apāyayat surān anyān
mohinyā mohayan striyā


dhānvantaramplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdhānvantaram

the incarnation of Godhead named Dhanvantari.
—the incarnation of Godhead named Dhanvantari; dvādaśamamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigdvādaśamam

the twelfth in the line.
—the twelfth in the line; trayodaśamamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigtrayodaśamam

the thirteenth in the line.
—the thirteenth in the line; evaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigeva

alone; also; also the word eva; although; as; as it is; as it were; as much as; as they are; at all; at that time; certainly; certainly,; certainty; completely; definitely; even; ever; exactly; exactly like; factually; Himself; immediately; in fact; in this way; indeed; it is all like that; just; just so; like; like that; like this; of course; on the very; only; quite; simply; so; surely; the word eva; they are; thus; truly; undoubtedly; very; without doubt.
—certainly; caplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigca

ca; all these; also; also other bodily forms; also that I have not been able to ask; and (the five gross material elements and the ten acting and knowledge-gathering senses); and; and also; and Devahūti; and for all; and the paraphernalia; as also; as much as; as well; as well as; but; certainly; either; however; indeed; only; or; over and above; respectively; the word ca; this word ca; thus; totally; unlimitedly; verily.
—and; apāyayatplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigapāyayat

allowed to drink; caused to drink; forced to drink; gave to drink; made the child suck; nourished.
—gave to drink; surānplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigsurān

as demigods; the demigods; to the demigods; unto the demigods.
—the demigods; anyānplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_biganyān

other; others.
—others; mohinyāplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmohinyā

by charming beauty.
—by charming beauty; mohayanplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigmohayan

alluring; bewildering; captivating.
—alluring; striyāplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigstriyā

by a woman; by the woman; in the form of a woman; in the form of one's girl friend or wife; with a wife; with my wife.
—in the form of a woman. 


In the twelfth incarnation, the Lord appeared as Dhanvantari, and in the thirteenth He allured the atheists by the charming beauty of a woman and gave nectar to the demigods to drink.